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Our Treatments

At Thames Aesthetics Clinic, we specialize in providing a range of aesthetic treatments and skin treatments, serving clients throughout Berkshire. With our expert dermatologist at the helm, we assess clients' skin conditions and concerns, enhancing their natural beauty with our customized recommendations and advice.

Our portfolio of aesthetic and skin treatments has been meticulously curated and developed by our seasoned medical professionals. Their deep knowledge, attention to detail, artistic flair, and extensive medical experience guide the selection of our treatments. We leverage the latest innovations and treatments globally, using only high-quality products to offer competitive pricing.

For those seeking aesthetic and skin treatments expertise in Reading and the Thames Valley areas, Thames Aesthetics Clinic is your go-to destination. Begin your journey with a complimentary consultation with our consultant specialist, Dr. Husham Alshather. He will provide a comprehensive assessment of your skin conditions, address your skincare concerns, and recommend treatment options that are tailored to your skin and aesthetic preferences.

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